7 Winter Dog Care Tips

Wondering about winter dog care? These 7 tips will help you take care of your pet canine during those colder months.

Just like we take special treatment of ourselves, or skin and also hair throughout wintertime, our canine pals require appropriate care and love too. Check out our 7 pet treatment pointers for the cold, winter months. Show him his comfort and safety and security are necessary to you.

1. Winter Dog Care Grooming

  • — Maintain the protective coat. Do not shave your pet right down to their skin in wintertime. The hairy layer acts like an insulation to the cold and chill and maintains their warmth and provides an element of dryness. It also shields their skin from becoming too dry and encourages it to stay flea free.

2. Be careful of ice as well as snow

  • Ice as well as snow can make him shed his sense of smell. So never ever let your canine wander right into the snow lest he lose his way back.

3. Winter Dog Care Paw Treatment –

  • After you come back from a strolling with your animal, clean its paws. They stand the chance of getting contaminated as a result of chemicals like antifreeze. Rock salt used to thaw ice can damage their paws.
4. Anti freeze Threatens Dogs
  • Anti freeze can cause poisoning as well as incurable kidney damages. It is sometimes fatal. Watch on spills or better yet use pet friendly brands. Clean your dog’s paws after walking anywhere near where anti freeze might be.
5. Check your dog’s winter residence
  • Keep your pet inside your home if the temperature level drops too much. Or else make sure your dog’s kennel or home is safe and cozy for the night. Make it wind, draft proof and water proof also. Offer coverings as well as a raised bed. This is especially important with tile floors as they can get very chilly.
6. Water is a must
  • Maintain giving your family pets water during cold weather to keep them from dehydration. Snow does not imply water is not needed. They are much like us when it comes to needing water. Don’t ever leave them without a good sized bowl or water readily available and in a place where it won’t freeze over.
7. Games in your home
  • Indoor games can help them stay fit and well behaved inside your home when weather conditions do not allow you to go on long walks. Throwing a ball down the hallway for your dog to chase and other games can help it stay fit and engaged.